Dreamcard Player

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Wed Sep 1 16:34:11 EDT 2004

As Kevin Miller wrote on Sept 1:

> The products are differentiated by the license key you enter.  If you
> requested Dreamcard you will have a Dreamcard key, and if you launch the
> program you will notice the splash screen says Dreamcard.

Another of the differences apparently is (I did not yet try Rev with a 
10-day Dreamcard key) that you cannot build standalones with Dreamcard, 
but have to use the platform-specific Dreamcard Player.

I downloaded the Windows Dreamcard Player, which is 7.49 as 
"revplayersetup.exe" and needs 7.41 MB hard-disk space after installing. 
This means that you either have to add these 7.4 MB to the stacks 
produced with Dreamcard (if you want to distribute your stacks) or have 
to ask potential users to download the 7.4 MB Dreamcard Player from the 
RunRev site.

One question I want to ask here is whether it wouldn't be possible to 
considerately downsize the Dreamcard Player? A "raw" player produced 
with Revolution or Metacard would have a size of somewhat slightly more 
than the engine size, meaning about 1.6 MB in unzipped format. With such 
a "raw" player you of course would need to move all necessary resources 
(dialogs, icons etc.) into the stacks before distribution. Would this be 
possible in Dreamcard?

My MC-Player - that also runs Rev stacks - has a zipped size of  881 KB 
and contains all necessary icons, dialogs, cursors, libURL (see 
<http://wwww.sanke.org>, page "samples").

The "Read_Me_First" of Dreamcard Player 1.0 states:

"The Dreamcard player allows you to access programs created with Dreamcard.
The Player is free.  To use it, double click it, then either open the
Dreamcard program you want to run using the Open button to the right of the
address bar, or navigate to a program stored online by clicking on the User
Spaces button."

When I double-click the installed Dreamcard Player on Windows XP, 
nothing of the above happens, in fact nothing at all happens!

The only form I can use the Dreamcard Player is to drag stacks onto its 
Revolution icon, which indeed then opens Rev and Metacard stacks. 
Unfortunately, however, no mouse cursors are visible inside the stack 
area of the opened stacks and you need to move the mouse "blindly". Am I 
missing something here?


Wilhelm Sanke

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