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Wed Oct 27 14:46:34 CDT 2004


you can also just check the version of the os rev is playing under on 
startup and then if its windozs then set dontuseqt to true. this avoids 
creating different apps/players for separate platforms. i lothe to 
split code on a project as when you are in bug fixing stages you have 
to versions to do each fix on and can get confusing and open to 
mistakes quickly! the few mac/pc differences ive ever had to deal with 
ive just set an os flag then where ever there is a problem deal with 
the platform specific thingie there. works well.

note if you turn off quicktime on the pc you will not be able to play 
external movies or audio files with the player object. docs say it 
should work, but it doesn't.



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On Oct 27, 2004, at 3:15 PM, use-revolution-request at 

> First of all, thanx for your precious answers about my previous 
> questions about PDF and mail
> protocols.
> I've noticed that on a PC cd-rom generated using rev, the visual 
> dissolve effect is not correctly
> displayed (the cards are simply displayed without any transition) 
> while QT is correctly installed
> on the PC thing (rev correctly plays simple videos for example). The 
> "don't use QTeffects"
> command would allow a correct display but it makes the mac version 
> crash.
> A simple solution is to make two versions of the player but i tought 
> it could be important to
> notice that "bug" (but is it realy one ?).
> Aurélien Durand

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