revExternalLibrary and Standalones (???)

Howard Bornstein howard.bornstein at
Wed Oct 27 15:10:58 EDT 2004

I'm having problems with an app only after I build a standalone.

I have a preOpenStack handler that isn't operating correctly. I put in
an "Answer the short name of topstack" statement in the handler.
Instead of showing the name of my stack, it lists revExternalLibrary
as the top stack when my preOpenStack handler executes.

When I run this under the IDE, it correctly lists the name of my
stack, and my stack operates correctly.

What is the deal with revExternalLibrary? Why is is showing up as the
top stack under my standalone? Does this have something to do with why
my app operates differently as a standalone than under the IDE?

This is the first time I've run into this problem. 



Howard Bornstein

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