use-revolution Digest, Vol 13, Issue 27

Ken Norris pixelbird at
Wed Oct 13 15:45:54 EDT 2004

Hi Yves,

On Oct 12, 2004, at 9:00 AM, use-revolution-request at 

>> Hi Klaus
>> I've added in the pre openstack
>> show stack <mainstackname>
>> and it's good
>> but I don't understand why because there is no "hide stack
>> <mainstackname>" anywhere !!!!
>> I repeat, the problem only appears in the standalone, not in the IDE
> ????????????????????
> No "close stack mainstack" or "go stack substack" etc...?
> Very strange, indeed...
> Sorry, no idea :-(

Well, it _is_ very starnge. According to the first statement above, you 
must be leaving the main stack (splash) on the screen all the time. 
That's extremely unusual. Normally, the splash remains on screen only 
while it initializes things (globals, prefs, etc.), then you remove it 
by hiding or changing its location.

Try Richard's idea of leaving the main stack offscreen to process any 
startup errors, like a memory check, and, instead, use a substack as 
the splash/init window.

If you actually do send the splash off screen somewhere, you can expect 
it to remain there until you change it, of course. in the IDE it's 
likely to always op[en in a default condition. because the engine is in 
the IDE, not the main stack file.

Ken N.

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