[ANN] Navigator 3.0A3 available

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at inspiredlogic.com
Sat Nov 27 11:39:55 EST 2004

The third alpha release of Navigator is available at:


The documentation is included in Navigator. Select About Navigator on 
the Actions menu and scroll down. If you're just curious, the 
documentation is also available here:


Some of you know Navigator well. Others have never heard of it. It's a 
plugin for Revolution that lets you easily do many things that are 
difficult otherwise.

-- UPDATES FOR 3.0 A3 --

-- Fixed an issue with Command-Double-Clicking where Navigator didn't 
register the Command Key, and instead did whatever action was selected 
for double-clicks.

-- Corrected the behavior of the "Copy ID" item in the preferences for 
double-clicking. It was broken.

-- Added Option-Command-Double-Click to the preferences, so an action 
can be chosen for that. The default action for it is Bookmark/Remove.

-- Corrected an issue with editing the contents of a field or button. 
Where there were no styles in the text of the field or button, the 
editing field might not have a textfont that matched that of the source 
field or button. This could result in the text not being displayed 
correctly. The textfont of the editing field is now set to the 
effective textfont of the source button or field, which should fix this 

-- Changed the behavior when selecting a new stack -- previously 
Navigator would retain the setting of displaying the list of cards if 
that were the setting, which always annoyed me. Navigator now defaults 
to displaying the controls of the active card.

-- Corrected behavior when Purging a stack. Previously, if you purged 
the stack Navigator was listing, you would get error messages. Now, if 
the stack Navigator is listing is not available, Navigator defaults to 
the topStack and the current card.

-- Alpha Software --

This is an alpha release. I use Navigator all the time, and it has 
worked well for me. In my use it is stable, useful, and non-harmful. 
The previous alpha has been in the hands of Navigator users for about a 
week now, with no life-threatening issues reported. Still, you should 
always keep backups of your work -- this is a good idea no matter what 
tools you use.

-- Shareware --

Navigator is $20 shareware. If you use it, please register it.


Geoff Canyon
gcanyon at inspiredlogic.com

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