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There are actually two choices that you can make. The "set volume" by 
itself  is only for the  "output" volume and does not need to include 
the "output volume" part, it can just say set volume X. It is a 
shortcut. The longer one is to allow for the input and alert as well as 
the output but the output again is for consistency.

The first is:

do "set volume X" as AppleScript
Where X = 0 to 7


The second is:

do "set volume output volume Y" as AppleScript
Where Y = 0 to 100

Where as input is only:
do "set volume input volume A" as AppleScript
Where A = 0 to 100

And Alert is only:
do "set volume alert volume B" as AppleScript
Where B = 0 to 100

Open up the "Script Editor" and type this in after doing one of the 
above in REV.
get volume settings

In Rev message box put
do "set volume alert volume 50" as AppleScript
Then in Script Editor put
get volume settings

You should get something like this depending on which you did:
{output volume:100, input volume:100, alert volume:50, output 


On Nov 27, 2004, at 11:46 AM, Frank D. Engel, Jr. wrote:

> Hmm..
> According to the Standard Additions dictionary (10.3.6), there is an 
> immediate parameter from 0 to 7 (being discussed here), marked as 
> "deprecated", which if given, will cause all of the other options to 
> be ignored.  It would seem that with either OS X 10.3.5 or 10.3.6, 
> these options were added to the Standard Additions dictionary, and the 
> older, single-argument format was deprecated.  In order to use this 
> method then, one would need to upgrade to at least that version of OS 
> X where the option was added.
> Not sure what to suggest if someone is using an older version of OS X 
> (10.2), other than to upgrade.  There may be another way to do this 
> (such as scripting the System Preferences application, or perhaps via 
> the shell function and a command line tool), and I'm sure you could do 
> it by writing an external for it...
> On Nov 26, 2004, at 11:54 PM, Ken Ray wrote:
>> On 11/26/04 9:33 PM, "Dan Soneson" <sonesond1 at> wrote:
>>> These are exactly the errors I get when I try it. I am still on OS X
>>> 10.2.8. I like Frank's description of how this works. Oddly enough,
>>> when I checked for the "Standard additions" of the Scripting 
>>> Additions
>>> in the Library (System 10.2.8), I couldn't find it. Perhaps I
>>> mis-installed Applescript a while back, and I cannot locate a set of
>>> these standard scripting additions. The only file on my machine is in
>>> the OS9 System Folder. Ken, do you have a copy of the "Standard
>>> Additions" scripting library in the OSX Library folder? That may be 
>>> the
>>> reason we are getting the same error messages.
>> Actually, I *do* have the Standard Additions library, but the entry 
>> in the
>> dictionary just says:
>>   set volume <number>
>> where <number> can be 0 to 100. Nothing about input volume...
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