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Sat Nov 6 04:27:01 CST 2004

--- Kaveh Bazargan <kaveh at> wrote:
> I am creating "slider" scrollbars via a script. I
> find that I can set a
> start value of < 0 via a script, but not manually,
> via the inspector
> palette. This is great for me and seems to work fine
> in the scrollbar, but
> I just want to check that this is safe to do and
> there is no fundamental
> reason for having positive values only.
> I am having difficulty finding the names for some of
> the settings. For
> instance, how can I set the "on bar click" value via
> a script? What is the
> best place to refer to for these settings? Online
> documentation is great,
> but this setting's not in there.
> -- 
> Kaveh Bazargan

Hi Kaveh,

If you are using Revolution 2.5 and you want to know
what special properties and messages there are for
scrollbars, go to the documentation, click the
'Object' button in the toolbar, then use the treeview
on the left to drill into 'Objects' > 'Scrollbar' >

In Revolution 2.2, youcan get the same information by
going to the 'Transcript Language Dictionary', and
usign the 'Show' option menu at the top to show only
the scrollbar messages or properties.

In this case, I think you wat to react to any change
in the value set by the user, so you'll want to catch
the 'srollbarDrag' message and handle it.

Hope this helped,

Jan Schenkel.

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