problems running Rev standalones under Panther with limited user accounts

Frank Engel fde101 at
Fri Nov 5 08:23:55 CST 2004

> You could try using the Finder's Get Info window to set the 
> permissions so that anyone can write, but I have found this unreliable 
> and prefer to use the Terminal. Open the Terminal, cd to the folder 
> containing your app and then use the following command:
> 	chmod -R 777
> This will make every file in your application bundle readable & 
> writable by everyone. You may prefer to make sure the limited user is 
> in the same group as the owner and change the permissions to 775 
> instead.
A *very* bad idea for security reasons.  If anyone can write to the 
app, they could replace it with an arbitrary program, including one 
which could damage the system (delete files, etc.), while leaving the 
icon, etc. intact.  Some unsuspecting user with more privileges than 
them could then run the program, which has been replaced with nasty 
code, damaging the system, their files, etc.

Another issue here is that being able to write to the apps means 
allowing some as-yet-unwritten virus to infect them.  If a user can't 
write to them. then neither can a virus running under their account...

In a slightly less hostile sense, being able to write to the app means 
being able to ruin it unintentionally as well.

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