finally keyword changed since 1.5 ?

Dar Scott dsc at
Wed May 12 13:20:35 EDT 2004

On Wednesday, May 12, 2004, at 06:34 AM, Jan Decroos wrote:

> IN Rev 1.5, the second answer ("Finally") is executed.
> In Rev 2.1 and 2.2, it is not.

This is weird Jan.

I have seen this.  However, I just tried your script on 2.2 and it 

My solution has been to use nested 'try'.  Remove the 'finally' from 
the inner one and put it into the outer one.  Use a dummy 'catch' in 
the outer.  (It would be nice if 'catch' was optional.)  Or you can use 
the catch to catch errors in the inner 'catch'.

What I was seeing before was this.  Only one of the 'catch' script or 
the 'finally' script would be executed.  There are two doors out of 
that 'try'.  This applies to any error in the 'catch', too.

Whoops.  I just put an error in the 'catch' and I got the problem; the 
'finally' section is not executed.

BTW, I have heard of some bug concerning two 'answer' in a row.  Put in 
a delay to make sure that is not the problem.

Since your code does work for me, that means I cannot count on only one 
of 'catch' or 'finally' working.

Also, I have seen cases in which the 'catch' is bypassed altogether, 
but I have not been able to reduced those to a simple example.

Dar Scott
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