SoCalRevDevCon = too much? too far?

Judy Perry jperryl at
Wed Mar 17 17:14:13 CST 2004

Yeah, I know I sound like I'm a huge world-class whiner, but we've also
seen our electrical costs quadruple during the shortage of a year or so
ago, so everything just bugs us all the more.

Plus, IIRC, public transportation is MUCH better in Europe than it is here
(for example, there's no bus stops within a mile or two, and then they
don't go to the train station.)  It gets better as you move north into,
first, Orange County and then LA County... and it would also mean taking
the train (which I adore, btw) at midnight, when there's DEFINITELY no bus
service back to anywhere near the house...



On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, Pierre Sahores wrote:

> Le 17 mars 04, à 19:58, Judy Perry a écrit :
> >  (and gas not priced at $2.25+ per gallon).
> Do you know, Judy, that, in France, you would have to pay  € 1.10 per
> Liter !

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