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Trevor DeVore lists at mangomultimedia.com
Fri Jul 30 17:18:08 CDT 2004

On Jul 30, 2004, at 2:55 PM, Troy Rollins wrote:
> On Jul 30, 2004, at 5:24 PM, Alex Tweedly wrote:
>> As an experienced user of IDEs/debuggers for various languages, I'd 
>> say nothing that an application being run under the IDE does should 
>> cause the IDE to quit;
> FWIW - Director does this (closes the IDE) if the "quit" command is 
> used. Using "halt" in Director stops the movie, but does not quit the 
> IDE. So to me, it doesn't look like a bug, it just looks like 
> Revolution is written in Revolution.
> Although Director is not written in Director - which in some ways is 
> better, some worse.

If you don't want to quit in the development environment just use this 

if environment() <> "development" then quit

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