Cross-platform fonts...what is everyone else doing? -and-

Frank Leahy frank at
Fri Jul 30 15:23:47 CDT 2004


1. Did you make your clients install the fonts?  If so, how did you do 

2. Would you be interested in licensing the fonts?

-- Frank

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> Subject: Re: Cross-platform fonts...what is everyone else doing? -and-
> 	More font woes
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> Greetings...
> A couple of years ago, I dealt with all this cross-platform font 
> stuff.  I
> got so tired of trying to work it out that I finally came up with a 
> solution
> that has worked perfectly ever since.  What did I do you ask?  Well, it
> wasn't cheep, but I hired a fontographer to build two font families 
> (plain,
> bold, italic, bold-italic) for me.  A serif, and a san-serif.  They 
> look a
> lot like a subset of Helvetica and Times.  They are specifically 
> designed
> (spacing, kerning, height, bitmaps and all the other properties) to be
> IDENTICAL on both Macs and Windows computers.  I've tested them on Mac 
> 7.1
> to 10.3 - Win 95 to XP and have had no complaints from my clients.  I 
> just
> install them with my software and *POOF*, all my font issues are gone!
> Just thought I would share what I did.
> -Dan

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