REALbasic clarifications (was Express to Dreamcard)

David Grogono dave at
Fri Jul 23 15:28:36 CDT 2004

Andre Garzia <soapdog at> wrote:

> Hey I spoted a spy! Joking! Hi David, welcome to our community.

Thanks for the welcome.

> Yes, your revisions are indeed free.

Thanks, this was the main thing I'd hoped to clarify.
> What I disliked about your carbon implementation was that in the first
> releases 4.x it manage to screw my labels, like randomizing the colors
> of some of the letters with no explanation why.

It sounds like you were one of the early adopters of OS X.  There were a
number of oddities in early versions of OS X this being one of them (I think
this particular issue was also a G4 only problem).  I seem to remember that
we'd actually worked around this problem by version 3.5.3 not 4.x but it
certainly isn't an issue any more.

I'm glad to hear that your impressions of things being "lousy" on Carbon
weren't based on the current state of things.  Much has changed.

> But that's the Rev community mail list, if you want to talk about my
> likes and dislikes of RB please feel welcome to contact me at my mail
> soapdog at

Thanks, I may take you up on that.

> Your software introduced me into Programming for the Macintosh, I was a
> Windows user that worked with delphi, the switch was easy and I learned
> much from it, I thank you all for that.

Glad to hear that and also glad to hear you're happy with your current
choice in tools.

Best regards, David

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