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>Suppose you (as developer) wanted to add two objects (say, 2 buttons), one
>in the upper-left and one in the lower-right of your window, and assume that
>you can't display the full 540x720 window on your monitor and that the group
>is scrolled already to the upper-left.
>To do this in Rev, you do this:
>1) Select the group and go into edit mode.
>2) Create a button in the upper-left corner
>3) Exit edit mode.
>4) Scroll the group down to the lower-right corner
>5) Go back into edit mode.
>6) Create a button in the lower-right corner
>7) Exit edit mode.
>To do this in SuperCard you do this:
>1) Create a button in the upper-left corner.
>2) Scroll the window to the lower-right corner.
>3) Create a button in the lower-right corner.
>You see how easy it can be? Rev is 100x more powerful than SuperCard, but
>this is one of those instances where I wish that Rev would adopt the
>SuperCard approach to scrollable windows. It also removes all the funkiness
>of having a *user* create an object in different parts of a scrolling area.

This is the type of thing that I NEED to do.
The inability to have scrolling windows and the realisation that I have to 
upgrade to studio has made me re-think using revolution.

See other post


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