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Mark MacKenzie m.mackenzie at
Fri Jul 9 08:54:57 CDT 2004

Hi Tom.  You are well into an area I would like to go one day.  I have 
been looking at controlling a panorama head for photo work.  I am very 
interested in what you are doing with telescopes as well.

My short research so far leads me to want to investigate using the 
printer port, feeding the signals through a black box (with circuit 
board) and then to the particular units I wish to control. Although 
adding another hardware component to the path this might simplify the 
Rev work.

Glad to have your experience and knowledge on board.

Mark M

Thomas McGrath III wrote:

> Mark M,
> I don't know how related this might be but I have been playing with 
> robot controllers and X10 stuff for a while and also with Telescope 
> software. Anyway, One thing I have found for any serial devices is 
> that the key serial to usb issue is using the Kensington "High Speed" 
> serial adapter. I tried all kinds of other adapters for serial to USB 
> but that is the only one that works right. I also use Virtual PC and 
> it recognizes the high speed serial adapter for my GPS etc....
> The other adapters would work sometimes and others not and this lesson 
> was hard come by for me. FWIW
>  I know if you are using an old mac that you are looking for ADB but I 
> don't know where or what to look for for that. I did splice and rewire 
> a few serial adapters and I think I remember splicing a 25 foot ADB 
> once that 'they' said shouldn't work for my web cam, but it did.
> I am going to research this as well. I want to do some metal etching 
> and clay/cement/stone etching with at least an XY controller.
> Thanks
> Tom
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