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Mark MacKenzie m.mackenzie at
Fri Jul 9 08:49:59 CDT 2004

Hi Ken.  You may be correct on this. In fact, I think you are. I picked 
up this particular unit for old time nostalgia.  In the after glow of 
which I thought I would experiment with it hoping that Rev might be 
coaxed to run on it without modification to the Mac.  However, reality 
often bites.  In seeing how early a Mac unit might work well with Rev 
and this CNC project I may be stuck with using a 6100 model because of 
the limitations you are pointing out.

I am by first training an archaeologist and sometimes can't let go of a 
functioning past!

In any case the CNC project is a very practically based real world 
project and will be made to work on the first reasonable equipment 
platform which may be an old Windows box.  But, I would then work back 
through my Mac inventory.  It seems that a small, practical CNC program 
for the Mac which will run on pre-OS X computers might be useful to some 
people I have begun to run across in my searches.

Ken Norris wrote:

> Hi mark,
>> Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 19:44:15 -0600
>> From: Mark MacKenzie <m.mackenzie at>
>> Subject: Re: CNC software by Rev
>> I am actually aiming to use a Mac Plus I picked up a few weeks ago just
>> to see if I can and what Rev is capable of doing when pushed or
>> stretched on "marginal" platforms and operating systems.  I think it
>> would be kind of cute to see an old Mac all in one running this rig.
> ===========
> Question: How will you run even a Rev standalone on a machine which 
> cannot have more than 8MB of RAM?
> In fact, I've never seen a Rev - built app run on one of those. It'll 
> be interesting to see if it's at all possible.
> Ken N.
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