Text to Speech in windows

Stephen King st.king42 at ntlworld.com
Wed Aug 25 17:19:40 EDT 2004


I have raised this a number of times, most recently with regard to my
subscription renewal. I actually bugzilla'd it at least once and it
vanished! I thought I had raised it again on Bugzilla.

One reason it may not have been voted or marked critical could be its a
windows issue. I posted on the potential problem of scoring windows issues
with (what seems as) a predominantly mac based list a short while ago.

I understand that SAPI 4 can be used, but to me the problem of getting SAPI
4 downloaded through an IT department is orders of magnitude greater than
that of QuickTime! I don't think it's really an end user solution.


Tuviah wrote..

> SAPI 4 can co-exist with SAPI 5. As it stands I do have code to get text
> speech working with SAPI 5, see if I can squeeze it in between now and
> release. I'm just wondering what bugzilla number is this, and why hasn't
> been voted on or marked critical?!
> WRT XML working on Win95, that's on my to-do list and needs to be resolve
> before final.
> Best,
> Tuviah

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