Accessing other stacks in LibCGI

Terry Vogelaar tvogelaar at
Thu Aug 19 09:16:48 EDT 2004

Hi all,

While LibCGI helped me a lot in building my website, there is one issue 
I can't resolve yet.

I have a 'content' stack and I want to access information in another 
stack named 'agenda'. And I can't figure out how.
I tried:

lock messages
start using "path/to/agenda.rev"
put functionInAgenda() into a

That worked as long as I let functionInAgenda just return plain 
information. If I want to access a field on a card, it fails.

I even tried:
put url 
into a

The space where the data should be inserted stayed empty, while the url 
itself worked OK in a browser.

I also tried to mare agenda a substack of content an do:
put value("functionInAgenda()",stack "agenda") into a

Same result. If I specify a card in "agenda" it can't be found. If I 
check the name of the first card, it gives the name of the first card 
of stack 'content' instead. If I add 'of stack "agenda"' it solves the 
problem in the development environment, but the webbrowser gives an 
infinite load time.

Any suggestions?


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