Questions about Altbrowser and SVG

Chipp Walters chipp at
Thu Aug 19 04:03:22 EDT 2004

Hi JB,

If you haven't already, go to

and download the altBrowser demo. It's a standalone which is a stack 
with embedded browser. Check out the help file in the menu for info on 
the browser commands supported.

We're putting the final touches on altBrowser for Mac as we speak. 
Unfortuately, a client (meaning paying work) got in the way. Chris has 
it working fine on the Mac but we're just tweaking the commands so 
they're fully cross-platform.

jbv wrote:

> This is the point that I don't really understand...
> Let's say I have my standalone and the Altbrowser dll on my CD-Rom;
> does that mean that the end user needs to install the SVG plugin for IE
> on his HD (and thus have IE installed on his HD) to be able to use my stack
> with Altbrowser ?

Yes, you are correct.

> Besides, there's another point that remains unclear to me : you confirmed
> that decorations of the stack window can be set like for any stack. OK, but
> nevertheless the stack will be displayed INSIDE a browser window, with its
> own "decorations"... which means that if I want to get rid of those "browser
> decorations" I probably need to add some javascript code on top of
> everything...
> If I'm right on this, it looks a bit tricky...

No, altBrowser actually runs inside an image control. So, the image 
control is in fact a browser window. So, it's the other way around, the 
browser is displayed inside a stack window.

> As for Chipp's suggestion to use Flash for fast vector graphics, I've done
> that several times, but haven't been 100% satisfied by that solution, mostly
> because Flash anims run in Rev through QT which isn't always up to date
> regarding the latest Flash version...

If your user has the ability to play Flash inside IE (most do), then 
Flash will play inside altBrower, as it is only an instance of the IE 
ActiveX control.

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