Is this possible in RR?

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Mon Aug 16 12:40:48 EDT 2004

On Aug 16, 2004, at 1:15 PM, Pierre Sahores wrote:

>> You could also use PostgreSQL locally and save yourself some 
>> licensing costs.
> Why didn't i think at this. Tied, probably ;-!  Thanks, Frank for 
> pointing us in this direction ;)
> 100 times true, even for a newbie under MacOS X in getting the cool 
> Marc Liyanage's installer at
> <>


beware that maybe, the end user is not inclined to mantain a PostgreSQL 
instalation on his home machine.  For example, a simple normal user 
wants to create a blog. He can use Movable Type which is great, but to 
use it, he need MySQL, Apache and PHP. The mac comes with apache and 
there are installer packages for PHP and MySQL at Marc Liynages page 
but the normal user will be intimidated by the proceess, and also, a 
RDBMS is not something that you leave unatended. The user might by 
fiddling with his system, prevent PostgreSQL to run at startup without 
even knowing that he did this, then when launching Paul app, the app 
will fail and the user will have no clue on what to do!!!

Normal, plain users, the ones that just want to use a computer, not to 
understand a computer, should not be forced to install and mantain a 
complex thing like MySQL/PostgreSQL. I know the installers are pretty 
much forward, but I hope that I am being clear, it's like giving a 18 
wheel truck to a teenager who just got his car license and saying: "go 
to the bakery, bring me bread.". If the teenager is carefull enough, 
things will work out, but a single mistake...

The big advantage of Valentina is that: there's no instalation 
proccess, there's no maintanance, in fact it will all be inside the mac 
bundle, he might not even see the vdb files. You'll spend $300 now, but 
the chance that this will free you from hours of support and pain are 
very good, and you can always use it on other projects as well!


PS: no, I don't have a Valentina license, I am saving for one or for 

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