Table fields... oh boy.

Chipp Walters chipp at
Sat Aug 14 04:13:12 EDT 2004

I either use locked fields, then do 'ask' when you click a cell (not the 
cleanest of interfaces, but I don't use it often), or do as Jerry 
Daniels demo'ed at Rev Summit, create a 'table group' of fields.

Table groups can actually be very fast, especially if you have a fixed 
number of rows to display (vs rows of data). You can use a fixed number 
of flds to scroll through many more rows than are actually displayed. 
Think of a table group as a 'window' onto the data, and you'll get what 
I'm talking about.

Jerry actually has a fairly modular table group object he uses. Course 
right now his head is buried in Constellation, his new script/property 

Troy Rollins wrote:

> What do you use? The other two options you mention? Or something else?

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