XML questions

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Mon Aug 9 08:20:31 EDT 2004

I just started learning from Sarah's great XML demo, trying to get enough 
XML knowledge to do some simple input from XML.

I found a few questions (about XML in Rev, not about the demo)

1. For revCreateXMLTree (and other XML functions), the documentation says
"if the function encounters an error, it returns an error message starting 
with "xmlerr"

Is there a list of the errors that can be returned?
Where would I find it ?

2. trying to create an XML tree from my file (with 
revCreateXMLTreeFromFile), I get
      xmlerr, can't parse xml
      Unsupported encoding ISO-8559-15

Is there a list of supported encodings ?

3. ISO-8559-15 is simply ISO-8559-1 (i.e. Latin1) with the addition of the 
euro symbol. Other than the fact that my input files are in that encoding, 
I don't personally have any need for the euro symbol (I'm going to ignore 
the currency section of the input anyway), but it sounds like a reasonably 
likely encoding to encounter in future - should I simply Bugzilla support of
ISO-8559-15 as an enhancement ?

4. If I simply read the file into a variable, replace "ISO-8559-15" with 
"ISO-8559-1" then it *looks* as though it works OK - the euro symbol in an 
input XML file comes in ok (though this may be Windows specific ??).  How 
much trouble am I creating for myself if I do this ?

-- Alex.

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