Rev's Mac-Centricity (Was: Plea to sell Dan's book widely)

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Mon Aug 9 06:36:58 EDT 2004

>The inherent value proposition for Rev as a pro development tool is 
>demonstrably high, and after 14 years there are sufficient examples 
>to make a compelling case.
>If the case is not immediately compelling today, what changes could 
>be made at the RunRev site and lesser marketing materials to make 
>the value more self-evident?
>Beyond that, what other things might help make the value of choosing 
>Rev more self-evident?
>The value's there.  The problem isn't the tool, it's communicating 
>what the tool has already accomplished.
>  Richard Gaskin
>  Fourth World Media Corporation


>And to be honest I'm not so much worried about what a Windows 
>developer / user thinks of the details (such as "plain English") as 
>that they don't get that far. Look at the main page on 
> - Windows is mentioned once - a single word 
>(admittedly in a prominent place).
>About a fifth of the screen is taken up by a row of  icons of Mac 
>awards, and another fifth of the screen is a Max OSX screenshot.
>Simply changing the screenshot to W-XP would help.
>Adding a quote (or logo/award) from a PC or Linux mag or site would 
>help even more.
>-- Alex.

As a cross-platform tool, RR should have not one but at least three 
screen shots there lined up up vertically, all with the same basic 
content but each from a different platform: OSX, WXP, Linux (W98 and 
OS9 could follow as well). The size of each should be smaller of 
course: half would do (clicking them should display each in large 

Also, the sample in each window should be for sth more advanced than 
a simple calculator (for example, a movie player like the one that 
was presented in the MacTech articles).

Furthermore, the flashbox (the yellow box with news) could be moved 
left (or made a singleliner) so these "platform" shots start 
immediately under the navbar so their multiplicity is clearly evident 
within the initial pageview.

This would convey cross-platform aspect of this tool a lot stronger 
than any text they have there.

Robert Brenstein

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