2.5 cursor change

Wouter wouter.abraham at pi.be
Sun Aug 1 19:49:12 EDT 2004

	• 	From: Troy Rollins
	• 	 Subject: Re: 2.5 cursor change
	• 	 Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2004 11:23:56 -0700


> If you look at the select tool cursor, it is quite distinct. And the 
> browse tool cursor, is just the standard cursor - as it should be 
> unless your app overrides it.

Sure, that is why they had to use the select tool cursor in the rev 
documentation doc field as browse tool cursor to indicate when the 
mouse is *not* over a link text.
So is this more *modern*?

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Btw the MC/RR hand cursor is not the real Mickey hand, because it lacks 
the three stripes on its back. The hand cursors in some
browsers are.


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