Pamela crisis --some progress

pkc pkc at
Sun Aug 1 22:26:13 EDT 2004

The small dummy app I built for my students went through and ran fine 
at their end. So, the setup I have does not object to a stack with a 
single window in it.

Now, working on Andre's theory that the altered dialog stack is the 
villain, I built an independent mainstack, copied the elements from 
the old mainstack to it, pointed all the substacks EXCEPT the evil 
dialog stack, did a global change of the scripts, saved and closed.

I'm going to build that thing now. Those of my students who are night 
owls (or just eager to pass the course) may get back to me within an 
hour or so with results.

I should say, I tried to kill this stack many times.  I deleted it, 
saw it disappear from the application browser, saved, closed, and 
when I reopened it was always there.  It is not at all unruly and, as 
you can see in Andre's web production, looks rather nice (?).  But I 
THINK it is true that I downloaded the alternative stack and plugged 
it in between the good builds and the bad builds (unfortunately for 
scientific purposes, about the same time I upgraded to Rev 2.2CR2. So 
this is an extremely good theory. If I could have killed the stack 
that might have solved it, but it kept coming back from the beyond.

More soon, I hope.  Many thanks for all the good ideas.

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