Mainstacks and substacks?

Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Aug 1 18:32:27 EDT 2004

Hi Kee,

short addition to make it absolutely clear!

> ...
> Since the user of your app MAY not have write access to the 
> application folder!,
> i do

the following

> all the time with BIG success :-)

> Create your stack that you want to be saved later on the users hd...

Make it a mainstack!
(It can have many, many substacks if you like!!!!! ;-)
Save and close it.
Do not make it a substack!

> Then put it into a customproperty of your 
> main-/splash-screen/standalone stack:
> ...
> Et voila, a definitively save-able stack :-)

Which can have many, many substacks!
Just in case i didn't mention... :-)

This is also the ultimate solution for eventual "clone stack xyz" 
related "inconveniences"...
Hint, hint :-)


Klaus Major
klaus at

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