[ANN] MLXEditor - runrev plugin for script editing with ANY external editor app

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Fri Sep 12 08:19:00 EDT 2003


It looks good, but when you say "enter a Transcript command that opens a
temporary file", what do you mean? I tried:

  launch "c:\program files\textpad 4\textpad.exe"

And it launched TextPad, but not with the script. Can you give an

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> Danger!
> Do not proceed unless you live dangerously
> and debugging other's code is a pleasure
> !
> !
> !
> Actually it's not that bad. But this is kind of a tricky plugin.
> Does anyone want to look at what I've written so far?
> I could use someone knowledgeable of the IDE rev* internal 
> scripts who 
> help me improve error handling and debugger interaction. The 
> idea with 
> the debugger is that: external editors can't act as a debugger, that 
> when the user wants to debug, the built-in script editor would be 
> allowed to startup.
> Currently I'm doing this by making the user hold down the SHIFT key- 
> but there has got to be a better way.
> Also I would like to pass exceptions and script compilation errors 
> through to the IDE's own error dialogs, but couldn't figure 
> out how so 
> just wrote my own error handlers using the answer dialog.
> * The Help card of the mainstack has a bit of documentation.
> * scripts are unlocked- please suggest improvements or bug fixes
> * tested on Rev 2.1, Mac OS X.
> * Is 100% transcript so should work with other OS


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