Beginning Valentina Question

Dan Shafer revdan at
Fri Nov 28 23:30:43 EST 2003

I've searched the docs and all the third-party sites and I cannot find 
the answer to this one. Yet, I'm sure it is lying around the ground and 

What are the default login name and password for a Valentina database 
from Rev?

(Tentative conclusion: Valentina doesn't require a login user name and 
password in the VXCMD version because it's local.)

OK, then why when I try to work with the Software DB Demo.rev stack in 
Rev 2.1.2 with OS X 10.3.1, do I get an empty error dialog on launch 
and every time I try to do anything like add a new item to the table? 
Literally nothing works. I've tried reading the Valentina docs (all 
three of the PDFs), all of the DB stuff in the Rev online help. I'm 
documented out. Where is this simple stuff located?

I'm trying to create a tutorial on how to print reports from a 
Valentina database but what I thought would be the easy part -- 
connecting to a Valentina DB -- is turning out to be excruciatingly 

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