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Graham Samuel livfoss at
Wed Nov 26 17:11:55 CST 2003

On Wed, 26 Nov 2003 11:41:11 -0800, Ken Norris 
<pixelbird at> wrote:
>Someone told me I should be able to just D/L the Windows XP version and
>transfer the .zip to the PC, then unzip and install there.
>I'm a dummy about such things. Will that work??
>Actually, if it does (and I'm thinking it should), then I can just use the
>crossover Ethernet and filesharing (no need for internet services) to
>accomplish my needs.
>What say ye?

If the machines can transfer files to one another you're in business. 
Downloading a PC file into a Mac won't screw it up in any way. You 
can download .zip or .exe files, anything. I often D/L PC files onto 
my Mac in my cable modem location, cut an ISO 9660 CD on the Mac,take 
the thing to my XP machine 700 miles away and upload it that way. 
This avoids using the 56Kb modem in the XP machine (I'm waiting for 
ADSL there but it may be a long wait, as 100 people out of a 
population of about 500 - in 2 villages - have to sign up for it.)


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