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Wed Nov 26 18:16:24 EST 2003

On 11/19/03 9:55 AM, Thomas J McGrath III wrote:

> So, when you are creating an interactive project or whatever you are 
> saying that most people have been content to just start from scratch 
> with the text formatting?

Sorry, I know this thread is probably a bit stale (1. I'm a digest 
subscriber + 2. I wrote my reply last week on the train and saved it as a 
'draft' and then forgot to send it when I got to work :-\ )but, for what 
it's worth ... 

I look after a website that has a very advanced web-based CMS (MySource). 
One of its features is that contributors can edit pages - if they are 
using IE on a PC at least -with a WYSIWYG editor. In fact, they can copy 
and paste directly from a Word document, and it will reproduce the 
formatting (almost) exactly. But there are two big problems with that:

1. The resultant HTML is so full of Micro$oft-proprietary code that the 
page ends up 2 or 3 times bigger than it needs to be.
2. (More seriously) The page usually looks terrible, especially in the 
context of the rest of the site, because its font-family, font-size, 
line-height, margins etc. don't match other pages.

99% of the time, if you're importing text from another source, all you 
need is for your bolds & italics to make it through. And, even then, you 
often need to edit that, to apply your own 'house-style'. (e.g. no 

Regarding images, the chances that you will be able to use images with the 
same dimensions/resolution/format/position as the originals are close to 

OK, that was all from a website point of view, but I believe it would 
apply equally well in (Revolution-based) multimedia.

Jonathan Cooper
Manager of Information / Website
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia

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