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You can check out the "Graph and Table Objects" stacks created by Ken
Simons and Tuviah Snyder at:

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> Hi,
> does anyone have ideas for where to get a set of graphing 
> externals for 
> use with metacard/rev on both the mac and PC? I need to draw 
> line, bar, 
> and pie charts on the fly from data given to the external.
> I have an old cdrom project that may get new life and it has 
> an on the 
> fly graphing function in it for a lot of data sets. The old 
> mac version 
> was in hypercard and utilized a custom set of xcmds that would draw a 
> selected line, bar, or pie graph from the data you passed it and you 
> could set all the paramaters for overall size, symbols, 
> ranges, labels, 
> etc. it just returned a graphic that you could then display. 
> on the pc 
> side we had a similar (but totally from a different source) 
> set of dlls 
> for visualbasic to do the same thing.
> amazing thing is the 9 year old product still works on mac os9--gotta 
> love olde hypercard! i shutter to try the same with the 
> windows version...
> thanks for any help!
> jeff
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