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> If I have a Revolution "thin client" that just has a simple "go to stack
> http://stackfromserver " type of logic, and I want that stack on the server to
> pull in images stored on the server, instead of stored within the stack, do I
> need to do something special with the pathnames to the graphics?
> The reason I ask, is because on my server, I've got a .rev file called
> "calendar.rev", which pulls in images, "backgroundA.bmp", or
> "backgroundB.bmp",
> depending on a variable that gets set.  If I have these images stored in the
> same 
> directory as the .rev file on the server, and set the sourcefile name under
> "PROPERTIES" for that image to "backgroundA.bmp" - - I get a blank object when
> the app gets run from the local PC.  (The app that has the "go to stack on
> server" call.)  The other elements display fine - - - it's just the background
> image that's missing, (it's a gray rectangle), which makes me think it's a
> path 
> problem.
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Just out of curiosity, what happens if you use a different image format,
such as JPEG?


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