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Thu Nov 20 13:19:54 EST 2003

:-) Well, I of course would want to edit it.

  I can export PNG pictures of text and put them into REV now. But is 
that what you mean when you say you can display text with the browser 

On Nov 20, 2003, at 12:34 PM, tuviah snyder wrote:

>> My wish list to add to REVs built in formatting would be:
>> Base Line shift
>> Line spacing
>> Paragraph Spacing (Before/After)
>> Kerning
>> Line by Line text alignment (Left, RIght, Center, Justify) (This is
>> available in the Content Pane BUT does not come in when importing)
>> Line Tabs (when imported and in Property Insp Content field)
> OK sounds reasonable. Is this just for display of text, or do you need 
> to be
> able to edit text.
> Because there are various APIs that we can use to display text (for 
> example
> the browser dll I wrote for altuit can display anything a browser can)
> perhaps in a new built in control, but editing requires that we rework 
> out
> existing field code.
> Tuviah
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