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Mon Nov 17 12:46:42 EST 2003

Hi distinguished and competent  Revolution's Gurus,

I'm following the referenced discussion because I 'm trying to solve 
the same problem concerning a stack which  cards will be created by the 

As :
	• the users will not buy Revolution.
	• The documentation (Printed 1.1.1 version) and on line 2.1
		which are the same, are saying:
		"If the stack is a standalone application, it cannot be saved."
		"A Standalone  application can save stacks in separates files,
		but cannot save a stack in the standalone file".
	• I'm french speaking and have difficulties to understand clearly the 
previous 	  sentences which are to me contradictory.

I realized, without success, a lot of test interpreting the different 
meaning I could give to the second sentence.

I think a simple example saying how to save  a simple standalone  stack 
, if possible or how to save the standalone substack of a (Standalone 
Main Stack with a substack)  if possible, or saying clearly that there 
is  no way to save  a Standalone stack or Substack application would 

One confusing point  for me is the fact that a stack (Or substack) 
could be a .rev which means to me that running this stack needs 
Revolution environment and no extension would mean that it has been 
build as a standalone  application.
Am I right ??

Thanks for your help


I looked for the documentation 1.1.1
Le dimanche, 16 nov 2003, à 19:54 Europe/Paris, Roger Guay a écrit :

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>> On Sat, 15 Nov 2003 16:46:28 -0800, Roger Guay 
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>> wrote:
>>> Thanks, Graham.  Makes sense now that I think about it.  By a "data
>>> stack" you must mean a   .rev  stack, as a standalone data stack 
>>> would
>>> have the same problem???  And, since I can't expect my users will 
>>> have
>>> Revolution installed on their machine, I guess I'll have to use
>>> external files to save to and pull from?
>> Yes, but the external files can be stacks - after all, that's how the 
>> IDE
>> works, and it's written in Transcript! Look at 'How to store 
>> preferences or
>> data for a standalone application' in the online documentation. I 
>> guess the
>> best way to start this off is to have a template stack as a substack 
>> of
>> your application and then when you start or when the user first wants 
>> to do
>> a 'Save' (depends on your design), then invoke some code to clone the
>> template stack, rename it and save it for the benefit of the user. As 
>> a
>> matter of fact, I don't myself know how to create a stack completely 
>> from
>> scratch, and I don't know how the IDE implements 'New Mainstack' and 
>> 'New
>> Substack' - but I imagine it via this template scheme. I'd be curious 
>> to
>> know - maybe one of the real gurus on this list will explain (anyone?)
>> TIA
>> Graham
>> ---------------------------------------------------
>> Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK & France
> I'm sorry for being a bit slow on this, Graham, but I'm missing some 
> basic understanding:  If I use a substack as a data file,  doesn't 
> that require that the user have Revolution installed?  Otherwise they 
> are necessarily standalones and therefor can't save data.  Isn't that 
> right?
> Thanks, Roger
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