Building and cursor Problem (Conclusion)

Pierre Bernaert pierre.bernaert at
Mon Nov 17 12:43:14 EST 2003

Hi Scott,

After spending a lot of time trying to understand what the Pb could be 
I reinstalled Revolution 2.1 and the Pb disappeared.
I guess it's a bug but I'm not able to explain how I got into it but 
that was the  solution.

Thanks for your help


Le lundi, 10 nov 2003, à 09:52 Europe/Paris, Pierre Bernaert a écrit :

> Le lundi, 10 nov 2003, à 01:23 Europe/Paris, Scott Rossi a écrit :
>> On 11/9/03 3:56 PM, "Pierre Bernaert" <pierre.bernaert at> wrote:
>>> The problem is the reverse, I want as I could expect to have the 
>>> IBeam
>>> cursor when going over the field I can type into. I think this is a
>>> normal behavior for fields that can be modified.
>> Yes, that's the way you would expect it to work.
>>> In other words why, after building when entering the cursor into the
>>> card (Outside the field) have I the busy cursor although no script
>>> should be running ?
>>> And why although a MouseEntrer's script in the field setting the
>>> lockCusor to true and a set cursor to IBeam I don't get the IBeam
>>> Cursor and stay with a non spinning busy cursor ?
>> It sounds like some script in your stack is causing this -- perhaps 
>> you have
>> some mouse-related scripts operating somewhere.  Also, are you sure 
>> you're
>> setting lockCursor to true?  In your previous mail, you stated you 
>> were
>> setting the "lockscreen" which which will have no effect on the 
>> cursor.
> I was wrong when making the description of my problem it is 
> "LockCursor" and that's what I did.
> I'm just starting a new rather big project on OS X / Windows and  
> being suspicious I'm verifying how it goes on before it's too large 
> and get a lot of problems.
> So, I suppressed  ALL scripts in stack and subStack and got the same 
> result.
> The cursor is not working the way it should.
> That really seems to come from the building phase or Bug
> Thanks for helping me
> Regards,
> Pierre
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