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This is not hard!

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>Problem One: Posting of results from "lookup" query
>Whenever a new row is displayed (via Query, Next or Previous calls), or
>whenever an entry or modification is made to the form's Affiliation 
field, I
>wish to automatically populate the form's (display only) CompanyName 
>with the results of the following SQL query:
>select Org_Name from Business where Bid = "<value of the form's currently
>displayed affiliation field>"
>How can this best be accomplished in Revolution?

Since you store the PID of the company in the client's record, you just do 
query on that ID and retrieve the company name which you just add to the 

>Problem Two: Placing the current time into a field
>Just prior to an insert or update of any row, I wish to populate the 
>Last_update field with a datetime value reflecting the current date and 
>(ie. "2003-11-14 13:17:39.250").
>How can this best be implemented?

put the time into fld "currenttime" -- or did i misunderstand the 

>Problem Three: Forcing All Caps
>To insure data integrity, my application design requires entry of data 
>the "Pid" field in UPPER CASE format.
>While I have been successful in limiting the length of the data entered 
>this field to ten (10) characters or less, my attempts to force
>CAPITALIZATION have to date failed.  The following script is currently
>applied to the field:

For the following message handlers:
on closefield
on exitfield
on enterinfield
on tabinfield
on returninfield
      put toUpper(me) into me

This is just the quickest way not to perturb the user and give him the 
answer after. 

You can also do that when you save the info to the database naturally...

>Melvin Cox

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