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Mon Nov 17 10:21:03 EST 2003

Just to make it confusing...

Actually if you enquote the number and it will work.

set the hilite of btn "1"... (which is not btn 1)

BUT it doesn't work for Zero "0"!!!!

Xavier Bury
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Please respond to erik; Please respond to How to use Revolution

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--- Klaus Major <klaus at> wrote:

> Avoid naming an object with a number. Doing so
> may cause Revolution to
> become confused by object references that
> specify that number, since 
> they
> might be referring to the object by name or to
> a different object by 
> number.."
> Well... ;-)
> If you really have to rely on numbers for an
> objects name, i would 
> suggest to
> add a little prefix like "gr" for graphic ->
> image "gr605"...
> You get the picture...

if you need buttons to show a number, then 
<set the label of btn "b1" to "1"> works
i have a MIDI keyboard set up this way.
middle C is "b60", labeled "60".


erik at

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