Windows Misery

Graham Samuel graham.samuel at
Fri Nov 14 09:07:30 EST 2003

More info from my beta tester:

>Im using Windows ME  128 MB of RAM
>On normal startup of my machine 67% of Sys resources are free.
>With the previous version of the app running, 39% of Sys resources are free
>But with the current one 0% of Sys resources are free.
>When I try to start it, a small message box comes up saying it caused an

>I close the little window and try running again and the same thing happens.
>Do this once or twice more and the Anchor window comes up.  At this point
>there are now 0% of Sys resources free and I cannot take a snapshot of the
>screen because there are no resources!!
>Hope this helps

OK, so I'm using up all the system resources because of some change I've 
made, but whatever it is, it doesn't have the same effect on my 256Mb 
Windows XP system.

I'm working on the "recipe stack" right now, but I'd still be grateful for 
any clues from the list.



Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK & France  

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