Loading menus, Plug Ins...

sims sims at ezpzapps.com
Tue Nov 4 01:23:39 EST 2003

What do you do when Revolution hangs starting up at "Loading menus, 
Plug Ins..."? I tried emptying out my plugins folder but that isn't 

I've had several episodes of this, seems random. Went three weeks 
clean and then yesterday
I had it happen four times. Dead stop at "Loading menus, Plug Ins..." 
It's like Rev stops at the
pub and that's the end of it for that Rev's day...no detox available 
as far as I can tell.

Each time I have to trash my Rev, open a new one (I now keep a folder 
with revolutionosx.dmg and
my Reg code handy on my desktop). Open new Rev, input Reg, reset various items,
set my script font to something readable, get rid of the icons in menubar, etc!
Kind of disrupts the work/creative flow a bit....especially when it 
happens four times
in one hour.

No apparent recipe here...at least none recognised by my meager brain 
ram. Major pain in
the potatoes when it happens.



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