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Ron rbarber at yhb.att.ne.jp
Tue Nov 4 01:01:51 CST 2003

This is not helpful toward a solution but my experience and (non)solution is
the same as sims. Usually, the hanging occurs after a crash or lock out of
Rev or some other app. I've never just had it happen without a previous


>> What do you do when Revolution hangs starting up at "Loading menus,
>> Plug Ins..."? I tried emptying out my plugins folder but that isn't
>> it.
> I've had several episodes of this, seems random. Went three weeks
> clean and then yesterday
> I had it happen four times. Dead stop at "Loading menus, Plug Ins..."
> It's like Rev stops at the
> pub and that's the end of it for that Rev's day...no detox available
> as far as I can tell.
> Each time I have to trash my Rev, open a new one (I now keep a folder
> with revolutionosx.dmg and
> my Reg code handy on my desktop). Open new Rev, input Reg, reset various
> items,
> set my script font to something readable, get rid of the icons in menubar,
> etc!
> Kind of disrupts the work/creative flow a bit....especially when it
> happens four times
> in one hour.
> No apparent recipe here...at least none recognised by my meager brain
> ram. Major pain in
> the potatoes when it happens.
> atb
> sims
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