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Back in my Mac days with SuperCard, if an XCMD wasn't available, I'd commission one. Pretty easy to write and one could usually pass the cost on to the customer. If there's a specific ActiveX control you'd like to see, why don't you just ask someone to write it?

Tuviah and Chris (my partner) have both looked into the 'ActiveX wrapper for MC' issue, and I believe both have come to the same conclusion... while it is *possible*, it's a lot of work and similar functions can be done with much less coding on a case by case basis. Also, both Scott Raney and the RR folks believe if the function is necessary enough, it should find it's way into the engine.



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> This was brought up again recently, and a while back when I was 
> looking at adding freeDB support to my CD cataloging application, 
> and I never got a firm answer for it, so I'm going to ask again.
> Are there any plans to add ActiveX support to metaCard/RunRev? It 
> seems like a no brainer since it would improve compatibility with 
> legacy ToolBook apps, and since there is already support for the 
> Mac-only XCMD standard. Adding ActiveX support would open up 
> access to thousands of extremely useful ActiveX controls that 
> have been developed for all sorts of purposes.
> I decided to get RunRev because I wanted somethign that I could 
> use to teach my daughter progamming concepts - I have not idea 
> how to *really* program though, so creating my own Rev externals 
> is pretty much out of the question, even though a lot of the 
> ActiveX things I am interested have source code and could 
> probably be adapted to RunRevs externals architecture, I ddon't 
> have the skill to do that myself..being able to access ActiveX 
> would allow me to do a whole bunch of neat stuff that I can't do 
> on my own.
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