Active X support

Edwin Gore edgore at
Sat May 31 19:14:02 EDT 2003

>On Windows, info about CDs can be gathered using
>guess you'd use externals.  On OSX, I have no clue
>(is there even a system
>level way to control CD playback other than
>AppleScripting iTunes or similar
>player?), but maybe somebody else knows.

In any case, each of those is a platform specific, non-crossplatform solution. So what's wrong with supoorting ActiveX for stuff like this? There are lots fo things RunRev doesn't support through scripting, and I don't have a problem with having another non-crossplatform option among the many others -  especially if it means I have a solution for ALL platforms, even if I have to work harder to implement them differently for each. 

I would rather see RunRev focus on opening up more ways to interface with externals on all platforms than develop, for example, a cross platform solution, supported by scripting language commands, solution to the problem of generating, for example, DISCIDs.

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