Getting startet: [WAS:] Where find help about objectslikelittleArrows?

Ken Ray kray at
Sat May 24 18:29:00 CDT 2003

> Ken, thank you, I have founded it but...
> I have not understood how to work with this little arrows!!
> How can I do to script:
> If the key is up, then put 1 + 1 into tatsouin
> If the key is down then put 1 - 1 into tatsouin
> In fact, is it possible that somebody show me a little script 
> in 4 lines about how little arrows are working?

Actually, it doesn't increment or decrement values in a *variable*, but
in a field. So you do this:

1) Select the little arrows control from the Object library and click
"Place Object"
2) Create a field next to the little arrows control that will hold the
value that the button will put there.
3) Give the field a name (for example, "TestField")
4) Open the properties palette for the little arrows control, go to
Custom Properties and set the cTargetField property to the name of your
field (in my case, "TestField")
5) Open the properties palette for the field, go to Custom Properties
and add two properties: cMinValue and cMaxValue. In them, set the
minimum and maximum values (I used "1" for cMinValue and "100" for
6) Set the script of the field to this:

on closeField
end closeField

That's it! Now choose the browse tool and the little arrows control will
increment or decrement the number in the field

If you want to handle doing something after the number has been changed,
put it in the 'closeField' handler of the field.

Hope this helps,

Ken Ray
Sons of Thunder Software
Email: kray at
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