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Sun May 18 23:35:01 CDT 2003

On Thursday, May 15, 2003, at 12:43  AM, Tuviah M Snyder wrote:
> OK will add revXMLName for 2.1. In the meantime it should be easy to
> write a function which does this
> function revXMLName tNode
>         set the itemdelimiter to "/"
>         put last item of tNode into tName
>         set the itemdelimiter to "["
>         return item 1 of tName
> end revXMLName

Thanks for the workaround.

Another question re: revXML. I can't get any standalone on OS X to work 
with revxml.bundle. I've tried putting the revxml.bundle in various 
places inside and outside my application bundle. What's the trick to 
get this working, or is it just not working yet on OS X? (Rev 2.0 rc1, 
OS X 10.2.6)

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