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Sat May 10 01:19:02 EDT 2003

re 2.0 latest.  Tried it. Loved it.  Speech worked on Win 2000, although only 
a gruff male.  Victoria is mentioned in the docs, where is she?

However, just my luck  to be asking a boring question when everyone is 
playing with the new toy.

I am *still* struggling to get my video tutorial stack to work (which is 
designed to train users in the use of Affinity 2.0, my new assessment tool).  
Incidentally, this was a rewrite of VB software, and is much improved by 
being in RR)

I captured QT movies of the various screens, with me droning on about this 
and that.  Then my dear partner discovered the major crash that ocurrs if the 
movie is fast forwarded to the end reported in use-revolution digest, Vol 1 
#1340- I don't think anyone had any ideas about that did they?

In the absence of any solution to the problem, I decided to convert the QT 
movies to AVI and bypass QT on both platforms using playvideoclip rather than 
a player object.  To my horror, the AVIs were enormous.  For example, a 
perfectly viewable QT movie of 11.5 megs, balloons to 715.9 after exporting 
from QT.  Is this right?????

SO folks, please take a break from  2.0 and either tell me haw to stop my 
player crashing, or tell me AVIs are not really that inefficient....

Best wishes,

David Glasgow
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