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Ian Wood ian at azurevision.co.uk
Sun Dec 28 04:44:52 EST 2003

"Hey, new guy, go over to Stores and ask for a long weight/wait!"

Like you said, that kind of thing doesn't happen on the list, a fact i 
am thankful for.

Ian Wood
Panoramic photography, from web to billboard, sunrise to moonrise

On 28 Dec 2003, at 05:00, Mark Brownell wrote:

>>>> it is a poor workman who blames his tools.
>>>> Erik
>>> ... and it is an even poorer workman that blames his materials.
>>> Mark Brownell
>> Where does that put the person who blames the documentation? ;)
>>  Richard Gaskin
> Perhaps another colorful colloquialism spoken by craftsman will help:
> "I cut this board and it turned out it was too short so I cut it again 
> and it was still too short."
> Even though we made fun of the new guys, in almost all cases, we let 
> them off the hook after a short while, especially the ones that showed 
> an eagerness to learn. This use-revolution discussion list is the glue 
> that binds the process of learning  Revolution together with the 
> sometimes lost feeling one gets when searching for solutions in the 
> docs. And here, there are no colorfully placed pranks to get the cheap 
> laugh at the newbie expense.
> Mark
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