CPU running hot

Neville Smythe Neville.Smythe at anu.edu.au
Sun Dec 28 20:09:50 EST 2003

On 27/12/2003, at 4:00 AM, Alex Rice wrote:

>>  and type anything into the search field so that the Find button
>> pulsates
> And that button is the culprit right there.  It's really OS X's fault,
> for making pulsating gumdrop eye candy that uses tons of CPU resources.
> (and it is the OS that's doing the rendering, not Rev). I think it's
> not just Revolution apps that have this problem.

No sorry Alex, the pulsating button is NOT the problem - that doesn't 
take very much CPU time at all (Apple wouldn't make that mistake, which 
would be entirely unacceptable) Check out any dialog box with a 
pulsating button (well, any of the Apple apps, and anything I've 
written :-)) --- hardly any effect on CPU usage. RunRev seems to have a 
tight loop running in the Find & Replace window when something is 
present in the search field (but not otherwise).

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