[ANN] CLIPSExamples 1.0 - a RevCLIPS demo app

Alex Rice alex at mindlube.com
Fri Dec 26 13:25:55 EST 2003

On Dec 26, 2003, at 9:51 AM, Mark Brownell wrote:

> If I add my own ".clp" documents to the example folder will they run 
> in CLIPSExamples?

Nope but here is the source

The card has 2 custom property sets CLIPSfilenames and 
CLIPSmodelComments. You can edit popup the buttons menu items, and then 
add entries into those two custom properties if you want to add 

But using the interactive CLIPS shell would be better for learning.

> I have the ClIPS User Guide (usrguide.pdf). They recommend it for a 
> good starting point for people that have no experience with expert 
> systems. I also downloaded the "Beginning Programmers Guide". I 
> noticed that the ClIPS User Guide starts you out at the very beginning 
> learning basic syntax.

Oh yes- forgot about that. The usrguide.pdf is good intro with a fast, 
humorous approach.

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