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Rod McCall rodmc at
Wed Dec 24 08:11:50 EST 2003


Just a quick update on the MacWorld SF seminar. Since we posted the 
announcement yesterday we received lot a of interest and requests for 
an additional topic to cover CGI development using Revolution. As a 
result of the interest in this subject we've decided to change the 
seminar schedule very slightly.

Friday 1pm-2.30pm
"Introduction to using Revolution as a Common Gateway Interface"
Jacqueline Landman Gay, HyperActive Software

"Common Gateway Interfaces (CGIs) allow communication between a web 
server and a developer's custom software. Revolution is an excellent 
way to implement CGIs while using the skills you already have, the 
stacks you have already written, and the programming language you 
already know. This session will provide a basic introduction as we walk 
through the creation and installation of a simple CGI from start to 
finish. "

This replaces the previous topic "Converting HyperCard stacks to 
Revolution" which was running at the same time.

Don't forget that tickets are selling fast so please take advantage of 
one of our excellent special offers soon!



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