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Thomas J McGrath III wrote:

> Hello all,
> Is there anyway to find out "Simply" what the font is set to of all
> buttons and fields in a rather large stack with many substacks?

> The reason I need this is that REV likes to set the font to Lucida
> Grande which just doesn't work for me at all. Is there a way to change
> the default font forever and ever?? I even thought of deleting Lucida
> from my system to see what REV would choose then.

The "effective textfont" of an object will return the font being used to
display its label regardless of where in the hierarchy it's set.

I don't know if any of Rev's libraries override the native engine behavior,
but the native behavior allows you to set text properties at the stack level
and all objects take on that appearance unless you set them separately.

> You know Like the 4W Props tool that I just found out about. Way cool
> that tool.

Glad you like it.  There's a subtle aspect to the way it works that may be
worth mentioning for others making things that respond to the
selectedObjectChanged message:

With most tools that respond to the selectedObjectChanged message, they do
so as it's sent, but the downside is that when you're drag-selecting
multiple objects the message is sent frequently, so the user interaction is
slowed as these tools update themselves.

With 4W Props the selectedObjectChanged is not responded to in real time.
Instead, it sends itself an update message in 100 milliseconds, after first
checking the pending messages to make sure it's not already waiting for one.
This small delay actually makes the experience lightning fast for the user:
the 1/10th second delay is not noticeable, but it greatly minimizes
interferences with the drag-selecting gesture, allowing a subjectively more
responsive experience.

I've started using this "message buffering" technique on all my tools that
respond to selectedObjectChanged, and now I can have many of my palettes
open without slowing down the user experience.

More gadgets in the pipeline....

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